Summer Sets, Fall Rises 

Every season is a promise made 
A wish fulfilled
Hope springs eternal
As extended limbs reach
Into the embracing abyss
Of summer nights

Only now it relaxes its grip
Unclenches its fist
Ripening into wisdom
And falling gently back to earth
Electric with color and shadow
A quiet beauty as powerful as any storm

Summer’s green reign is ending
A pregnant pause before the leap
Into vibrant rebirth, red and gold
These hills ring out with phoenix cries
Rising from the ashes of maples and oaks
The fertile ground of being


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The Visible Path 

How much would I pay for the sky?
I wouldn't
not for the world
how long before I should like to die?
to see, to dream, to be, to feel
to each I'll go in case they know

Strong winds come
they blow and blow
still no one knows how quiet I am
until no one hears me
just because my eyes are closed
does not mean that I am sleeping

And the fly buzzing 'round my head
how could it?
for a flower is so much more beautiful
each touched by the hand of God
so close
but never touching one another

One cares and one is
one cries and one sits

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The Spirit of Grief 

From the corner of my eye 
I watch her stare blankly at the computer screen 
she is so full of emotion and truth 
so busy fighting back tears 
that she can barely sit still 
I turn to face her 
that I might reach out to her 
but something is holding me back 
something keeps me silent and still 
it is the spirit of grief 
telling me to wait my turn.

Path To The Peak  


let me live among you 
let me show you the essence of who I am 
let me uncover the depths of your life 
perhaps we will be able to hold one another 
discover what God has intended for us 
and figure out our place 
here in the great and growing universe

I stand in the midst of your noble ethos 
having devoured manuscripts and stapled packets 
I know a central truth lies sleeping in every faith 
and that when sitting on the head of a pin 
one may survey the divine landscape 
I see that history works like a ragged dog 

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