From the recording BillySongs 2005-2015

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Written by Billy Webster
Produced by B-Flat
Guitar - Carl Basler
Guitar - Asher Weiss
Bass - Russel Bonifede
Drums - Jesse Maynard
Recorded at Cedar Lane
(c) Shampoo Girl Music, 2006


Was it hard to begin?

Did you see another way?

See it all from within

Not a word along the way

'Cause you're not a little girl

And you're not Anola Gay

You can fly through a cloud

You can turn and walk away

And it's not who you are

to you say

You can drop your little bomb

I could use a little downtime anyway

A holiday pray

Gonna buy me a place where the lines are gonna blur

Gonna try to erase any memory of her

'Cause she's not what you are

Never was...and never be

You're a fire in the sky

You're a diamond memory

And it's not what you want

Look around at what you need

It was there all the time

It was always and sometimes ever me

A melody sea

And it’s not in your eyes
When they’re closed, who do you see?
If you tell a little lie
is it all because of me?

Will the sun come up?
Will I cry in my cup?
Will I see people kiss
will it make me throw up?
If I’m still alive at one hundred and five
will I look in your eyes and say how’d you survive?

Cause I know what you want
every night and every day
I can feel what you need
You can use a little downtime anyway
A holiday… pray