1. Hang On

From the recording The One Thing You Need (2020)

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Written & Produced by Billy Webster
Lead Guitar - Carl Basler
Recorded at The Jersey Dream
(c) Shampoo Girl Music, 2020


I said hang on...it’s gonna get better
I said hang on...to the things you believe
I said hang on...don’t worry about the weather
The wind will blow...through the trees

The trees will stand together
And they will be forever
I said hang on...don’t worry about your friends
We’re right beside you, until the bitter end

And when I said I will always be around
I didn’t mean that I won’t end up...six feet under ground
I just believe that it’s gonna come around
And around and around and around and around…if you just hang on

I said hang on...I know it’s tough
The water is high...the water’s running rough
I said hang on...to your dreams
No matter what they are...or as crazy as it seems

Hang on to...what you feel
Never doubt...this is real
I said hang on...there’s no such thing as luck
It’s just the mud...and honey you got stuck

And when I said you’re gonna be alright
I didn’t mean that you’ll never cry yourself to sleep at night
But when you do, you gotta hang on to the light
To the light, to the light, to the light, to the light...and you just hang on

And I know that you want me to say
That I don’t know how you feel
But everyone has a price they must pay
And baby, that’s just part of the deal

I said hang on...go write that letter
Then burn it up...you’re gonna feel better
You never know...what life has got in store
And everything you see is something
That you’ve never seen before

And when I said that the night is long
I didn’t mean that to wander in the dark is always wrong
The will is weak, but the Way is strong
And my love, you belong, you belong, you belong
So just hang on.