From the recording Sun Halo (2024)

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Written and produced by Billy Webster
Lead guitar by Carl Basler
Recorded at The Jersey Dream, 2024


Waking up is harder than you know
It’s hard to see another day
I can’t ignore the people I don’t know
I can’t ignore the things they say

We used to go out walking you and I
We’d run until we’d find someplace to hide
We’d walk until we’d walk into that light
And the mystery became a secret and a game
A way to fly

I was great with you between the day
But for the day’s sake, never mine
And like a victim of the modern way
I was gone before my time

I heard the ringing of my broken phone
I heard somebody say I was not home
I knew ‘cause I could feel it in my bones
That I’d never die alone
And I’d never make it new what I had known

I’m going out alone with only my
My running ‘til I find someplace to hide
I’ll walk until I walk into that light
And I’ll leave it all behind
The murder of the mind
The silent and the signed
The careless and unkind
And I’ll find my own way home.