From the recording Sun Halo (2024)

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Written and produced by Billy Webster
Lead guitar by Carl Basler
Recorded at The Jersey Dream, 2024


I am only here to say
It’s gonna be okay
And then I will fade away
Come again someday

I am only here to tonight
To say that it’s alright
There’s no need for us to fight
So honey hold me tight

And even among other lights
You shine so very bright
You’re weaving in and out of time
I can’t believe you’re mine

When we hold each other’s hands
The universe expands
Giving rise to distant lands
Nobody understands

When you look into my eyes
You see through the disguise
You’re both wonderful and wise
And where the secret lies

And you’re sowing seeds of light
To populate the night
When wings of gossamer take flight
You shine so very bright

So bright
So bright
So bright