1. Honor

From the recording Sun Halo (2024)

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To honor is to demonstrate high respect and great esteem for someone. By honoring another you are saying you see great value in them. An honor is also something regarded as a rare opportunity, bringing pride and pleasure; a privilege.

Written & Produced by Billy Webster
Lead Guitar by Carl Basler
Recorded at The Jersey Dream, 2022


So many people love the way that you do
The bits of magic that they love about you
Sit by the fire for a glowing review
Such a lovely girl

When life is cold…you slip on the ice
They hang upon your every word of advice
They never have to ask for anything twice
Such an thoughtful girl

Rainbows bend
You’re always there for a friend
Nobody makes me laugh the way that you do
Big or small..you’re there for it all
Honor girl, honor girl

You’ve got a river flowing right through your brain
A mile a minute on a lavender train
You’ve got a spirit that can shatter the pain
Such a funny girl

You’ve got style
You serve it up with a smile
Electric energy you wanna be near
When I’m in pain…you dance in the rain
Honor girl, honor girl

And you got a smile that lights up the world
The generous spirit of a small town girl
The vibrant momentum of a flag unfurled, you follow

And I told my mother what a friend you are
The luminous presence of a northern star
A children’s story with a complex story arc

Some people live on the edge of a knife
You’re a curator of people and life
Peppermint monument covered in stripes
Such an honest girl

And I feel heard
You hang on every word
A microcosm of a beautiful world
Big and small…you’re there for it all
Honor girl, honor girl