1. Sun Halo

From the recording Sun Halo (2024)

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Sun Halo is so great. A death song, like a death poem. I love the title, big time, and the lyrics are so deeply poetic and especially appealing to me, as you might imagine. I can actually envision this as part of Bold Enough To Say. You sound fantastic, and Carl has shades of Boys of Summer! - Ethan Dunn

Written and produced by Billy Webster
Lead guitar by Carl Basler
Recorded at The Jersey Dream, 2023

*Sun halos are caused by crystals floating in the atmosphere refracting light and their visibility is dependent upon the observer's location and are therefore "personal."


Looking at the sky
I thought I saw you floating there
Watching over me
With fascination and with care
The light of all eternity
Was shining in your eyes
And everything that came to me
Was some sort of surprise

And yet I found delight
In the familiar of your face
And I wrapped myself inside
The genesis of your embrace
And I touched love
I burned, I froze
And you lifted me into the circle
Spinning ‘round the sun
And we rose
Never to return
And you took me home
Never to return
From the fires that will burn

Waiting for the crystal key
To open heaven’s door
I see something in your eyes
I know I’ve seen before
And every secret I’ve forgotten
Every hidden plan
All will be revealed to me
If I just take your hand

And I surrender to the light
Behind your shining face
And I feel the warmth eternal
Of your fire and your grace
And I know now
That I am saved
And I know that I will touch
Transcendence as I walk through
Death and the grave
Never to return
I am saved
Never to return
From the fires that will burn