1. One Wore Blue

From the recording Marching Through Georgia (2022)

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Produced and performed by Billy Webster
Lead guitar by Carl Basler
Recorded at The Jersey Dream, 2022


This boy he was a rebel
This girl a summer breeze
And long before they dreamed of war
They kissed among the trees

One night he said to the girl
I’m thinking of wearing the Blue
She said you’re breaking my heart
If that’s what you do

The boy, he left one morning
The girl could not believe
That hate was greater than a traitor’s
Love she had to grieve

But then a Gray came along
And won the heart of the girl
By being everything
She had missed in the world

Well they took to meeting on afternoon Sundays
And dreaming away for the week to be through
But something inside would say hey whatcha doing?
I’m still thinking about, I’m still thinking about you

One night there was a fire
The night the Blue returned
She heard him shout as the flames went out
And their love, still it burned

And now a widow she be
He kissed her confusion away
They ran so deep into night
That it turned into day

And after her parents disowned her on Sunday
The boy and the girl started their life anew
The baby inside would say hey whatcha doing?
I’ve been thinking about, I’ve been thinking about you

*written by Billy Webster