1. Second Chance

From the recording BillySongs 1990-2004

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Written by Billy Webster
Produced by Carl Basler & Billy Webster
Guitar & Bass - Carl Basler
Recorded at GTS
(c) Shampoo Girl Music, 1998


I am not about to fade. I am not about to fall. Let your mind begin to wade. Let your memory recall. I am ready to begin. I am psyched about the ride. My disguise is wearing thin. I was not prepared to hide. Not prepared to hide. I accept the second chance. I accept the hearing loss. I am looking for the guy who was hanging on the cross. Did you see him walk away? Did he find a place to hide? Tell him that we’re not okay. Not enough of us have tried. Not enough have tried. All I want to do is laugh. All I want to feel is good. All I want to do is sing in a lovely neighborhood where I pass the time away in the company of friends and a girl whose love for me is the kind that never ends. The kind that never ends.