From the recording BillySongs 2005-2015

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Written & Sung by Billy Webster
Produced by Carl Basler & Billy Webster
Guitar & Bass - Guitar
Drums - Jesse Maynard
Recorded at The Carriage House
(c) Shampoo Girl Music, 2011


If there was nothing left to say
And no one left to fight
Would you teach yourself to pray
For what you’ll do tonight

‘Cause all your life
You’ve accepted what you’ve heard
A dollar for
Every word

If practice teaches you to play
And playing helps you win
Then you should find another way
To take your medicine

You took a sip
And your family couldn’t tell
You’re never sick
You’re never well

And maybe it’s easy to see
The lions have all disappeared
And what doesn’t kill you will be
A staple of relief
A bottomless belief

So parish pigeons made of clay
The oven’s set for high
And double talk gets in my way
And I’m no gemini

But if you want
I will pull you close to me
‘Cause you could use
A heresy