1. Autumn Moon

From the recording BillySongs 1990-2004

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Written & Produced by Billy Webster
Guitar - Reuben de Lautour
Bass - Tim Halliday
Drums - Troy Messina
Recorded at Pine Street Studio
(c) Shampoo Girl Music, 1997


Five-o-ten, I'm walking east of 2nd Ave.

looking at the people thinking about me and you

and all I wanna be is, all I wanna be is free
touch a little piece of fire then I let it be
well if I died tomorrow what then would my message be?

everything's so mixed up it's impossible to see

my body's warm my hands are numb I'm dancing in the sound

took a pen, wrote my message down
you should love everyone if you can

you should put them inside of your hand

every woman and child and man

they will sleep in the fires they fan
I woke up at 1:08 to see the autumn moon

someone told me quickly that the light was coming soon

half of it will be in april and a half in June

half of it a very complicated heavy tune
well I was blessed to have 5 brothers singing there with me

and I anticipate the day when sisters we will be

but only in my darkness do I feel for heaven's light

I'm kicking over bushels every night
and I loved them as much as I could

and I took seven bushels of wood

and I burned every false word I said

and I slept in a six person bed
if I knew where we should be you know I'd take you there

and I would drive away the tension you are forced to bear

and all we wanna be is, all we wanna be is free

touch a little piece of fire then we let it be
but I fell and crashed so hard that I became my enemy

and I prayed and vowed that happiness would never ruin me

but all around me pieces of my bitterness and shame

melted in the whisper of your name
and the crust of my message is me

and if you break me apart you will see

every stone is the pillow of God

from a kiss to a wink to a nod
and the fruit of the love I have found
within me within you all around

every fool every rush every song

every touch every place you belong