1. Blue Waiting

From the recording BillySongs 1990-2004

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What can I say? A fine wine I have drunk many times, ever true to its essential terroir yet still deepening. I love this intro. - Ethan Dunn

Written & Produced by Billy Webster
Recorded at The Jersey Dream
(c) Shampoo Girl Music, 1993


In taking retrospective steps
I've learned my lesson well
In place of plastic eyes
I'm made of flesh and bone
Feel me

We haven't needlessly been lost
Flocks of another world
Our shepherd's on the way
Bearing benevolence
Feel her

I have yet to come to terms
With the phantoms inside of me
Like ashes in an urn
I need to breathe

I know it's all been done before
What am I trying for
My eyes are full of tears
Not out of shame or fear
But out of hope

Wading through muddy water wet
The leeches are everywhere
Some disguised as friends
I've been a leech before
But not again

For you see the viper eyes
I have been looking through
Have filled me up with lies
Some of them coming true

So my voice it sings to you
Broken but promising
If pride casts a thundercloud
Look for the blue
It's waiting for you