From the recording Eat Your Heart Out (2018)

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And then what a perfect counterpoint and follow-up "Three-Ring Circus Clown" is to "Finger," a gorgeous affirmation of the creative process held in the palm of love and mystically given to the joyful celebration of the divine. It made me think of you up late at night in your studio in the basement, your family tucked in upstairs, reveling in the creative and mystical glory of making your music. - Ethan

Written & Produced by Billy Webster
Recorded at The Jersey Dream
(c) Shampoo Girl Music, 2018


Gonna dream my life away
Gonna save my plans for another day
Gonna give my heart away
And I don’t care what nobody say
They say you’re never gonna play
You’re never gonna win
I don’t wanna hear that lie again
Gonna give my light away
Make this deep, dark night a brighter day
Give my girl a kiss goodnight
Take off my shoes and step into the light
Into the la-la-la-la light

Gonna tear this kingdom down
Gonna give someone a better crown
One that everybody wears
Over balding heads and flowing hair
Doesn’t matter if you’re rich
Doesn’t matter if you’re poor
Only matters what you’re going for
I’m a three ring circus clown
I’m a clown that brings nobody down
You’re a lover, you’re a fighter and a friend
You’re a kiss goodnight that I hope will never end

And you I kiss you once again
On the wings and the words of a song
And I get what you mean and I don’t get it wrong
This is where you belong
This is where you belong

You can’t be alone again
With your consequences as a friend
That’s a crazy way to think
It’s an empty house and the kitchen sink
Doesn’t matter if you’re sick
Doesn’t matter if you’re well
Everybody is a broken bell
That don’t stop me from ringing out
I’m a gay old man who’s coming out
Kick the door right off the frame
You can call my bluff
You can call me Charlemagne