From the recording Eat Your Heart Out (2018)

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"Finger on a Leak" is devastating. I hope and pray you know your talents are not wasting away, indeed are in this very song, that is so full of the laments and travails of unreceived expression, manifest in their full splendor. This beautiful tune reminds me a bit of the Beatles and Bowie, and its lament, acceptance, and cautionary note pierce as you might imagine straight to my heart. How great despite all the feelings expressed here that you have continued all your life to answer the call within you, to hearken to your muse, to make this magnificent music. There is a particular purity to that sustained endeavor given some of the contextual disappointments and limitations you lament here. - Ethan

Written & Produced by Billy Webster
Lead Guitar by Carl Basler
Recorded at The Jersey Dream
(c) Shampoo Girl Music, 2018


What do you hear at the door? Is it threatening? Is it a friend for you? And does it depend on your age or your suffering? Or what it’s connected to? You never appear while I’m holding up the mirror. You turn your head. Then you leave it alone. A million to one, you’re an odd sort of character. You never believe for free. That would put you with the people who have to believe when it’s free. They would bury you and dance on your grave for free. All I can say as my talents waste away, if this weren’t true then I’d leave it alone. And if you think that you’re any different, I guess the difference means that you won’t talk to me unless you see some flash or a potential hit single. But let me tell you, that in the long run, you’ve got your finger on a leak. The pressure builds. The pipes will burst. And you will drown in your oppression. I’m holding the key to a lock inside of me. And I’ve seen it, too, in a million of you. Nobody comes to the door of an enemy. Not even the knock is free.