From the recording Bold Enough To Say (2014)

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"The Kingdom and the Power and the Glory Are Yours" to the reverence and celebration, not unnuanced by sadness and pain, of the great affirmation of divine love and its wondrous manifestation in all things. How bold and beautiful that you sing of love, that you are not afraid to sing of love. Those words alone stand out from this entire opus, a distillation of the mastery that moves beneath all these virtuosities: your spiritual mastery. - Ethan

Written & Produced by Billy Webster
Lead Guitar by Carl Basler
Recorded at Unfinished Storage Studio
(c) Shampoo Girl Music, 2014


The kingdom, the power, the glory are yours, forever, and ever
The kingdom is wounded is deeper than the ocean is wider than the desert is higher than the mountain is singing your praises though the pain erases
The signs of your power the petals of a flower the sound of the thunder the first effects of wonder the call of the wild the smile of my child
I’m singing of love I’m not afraid to sing of love
And glory, my friends the story never ends, my friends
Our father, our mother our sister, our brother the kingdom, the power, the glory, are yours
Are yours... are yours...
are yours... are yours...