From the recording Bold Enough To Say (2014)

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"Thy Kingdom Come" begins with crescendo worthy of the voice of godhead itself, the pronomial shift from "they" to "my" elegantly inverting the habitual perspective. The radical economy you suggest here between mortal being and the divine, one not of worshipful obeisance but mutual jeopardy, mutual necessity, mutual creation, is poetically beautiful and spiritually essential. - Ethan

Written & Produced by Billy Webster
Lead Guitar by Carl Basler
Recorded at Unfinished Storage Studio
(c) Shampoo Girl Music, 2014


Thy kingdom come if you are king for a day my will be done where there’s a will there’s a way
I’m not sure if people do what I say only because I am king only because they’re afraid
They don’t know who I am who I am they don’t know what I want what I want
Your kingdom come king forever and a day second to none but you gotta show me the way
I’m your words I am your thoughts and your hands and nothing is gonna get done if you don’t show me your plans
I don’t know who I am who I am if I don’t know who you are who you are
I don’t know what I want what I want if I don’t know what you want what you want