1. Playing Along

From the recording Happy Ending (2016)

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We are born with this call ineffably in us, and almost no one professes and realizes this kind of fealty to its ongoing expression no matter what. To do so is to become a sort of monk, or prophet, or priest, a keeper of the flame, celebrating creation not only for oneself and loved ones but really for creation itself, one might say for god - indeed in creational relentlessness, embracing reality, and radical essentiality, becoming god. I celebrate this realized spirit in you profoundly, admire it absolutely, take tremendous heart in it in my own likewise endeavor, and love it wholly. - Ethan

Written & Produced by Billy Webster
Recorded at The Jersey Dream
(c) Shampoo Girl Music, 2016


When you came over tonight
Did you know what you wanted to say?
Were you prepared or did you let
The top of your head lead the way?

When I look in your eyes
There’s a child and a woman at play
I’ve known you for so many years
But I don’t know you today

‘Cause you belong
To someone who’s got you all wrong
And I’m disappointed in you for just playing along

Why did you throw me away
Did you think that if somebody new
Held you tightly enough that your
Wishes and lies would come true?

You came to me
With an unwritten song in your heart
You thought I could just finish it
But I don’t know where to start

‘Cause you believe
A shadow is just scared of light
And don’t give it credit for giving rebirth to the night

Are you listening at all?
I need to find, to see
The girl in your eyes…

There’s a child and woman at war
I’ve known you for so many years
But I don’t know you no more

‘Cause you belong
To something so weak and so strong
And I just can’t wait to forgive you for playing along