1. Young & Free

From the recording Happy Ending (2016)

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Young and Free - What a wonderful, catchy anthem, in shades of early Clash, with a deeper, cathartic message. "I'm not about to let anyone tell me there's not enough in this world to compel me." - Ethan

Written & Produced by Billy Webster
Lead Guitar by Johnny DG
Recorded at The Jersey Dream
(c) Shampoo Girl Music, 2016


We are never gonna be
Half of the people they want us to be
So let’s save us all some misery
And make up for lost time and bad company

And it won’t make a difference if they know our number
‘Cause we’re unencumbered, you see
And we’ll always be...young and free

It’s a form of suicide
To say that it’s sweet when you swallow your pride
So before they take you for a ride
Obey every voice that is screaming inside

‘Cause they’ll never define what you’ve got in your mind
If you eat, drink, and sleep reverie
And they’ll never be...young and free

I’m not about to let anyone tell me
That there’s not enough in this world to compel me
To say what I think and to do what I feel
And to know that it’s reality

And I don’t really care if they like that we wear
Double rainbows ‘cause what does it mean?
We’ll always be...young and free

Let me remind you that I’ll be behind you
In front of you, next to you, top of you, under you
Letting the light of this world shine upon you
‘Cause you’ve been too blinded to see