1. Eulogy

From the recording Eat Your Heart Out (2018)

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I feel as though every song on this album is my favorite, and "Eulogy" is a strong contender. The electronics and the clapping sound are just so catchy, so f******g great, and then immediately that dark image from your dream, of your own death. The poignancy of mortality and the heartbreak of unreciprocated greatness are shattering. "You can't kill a dream but you can break it." I kind of stilled in that thought, contemplating the extraordinary and exhaustive output of your genius for thirty years, a faith utterly kept, and for a time allowed myself truly to experience the suffering beneath and around it, something I know myself with a true and living empathy. And yet in your usual indomitable spirit, that is itself no doubt the very capacity that has compelled you ever onward through all these years with your muse at all costs no matter what, a devotion that becomes transformative and creational, you move past that mortal preoccupation to answer your own concerns with a profound spiritual and poetic understanding of a deeper kind of immortality and a ringing call to the immediacy of this living moment, all the while in a medium whose own visceral compulsion implicitly makes the case, ending the song on a sudden note that is itself like death. As an artist, you just keep giving, giving this ever more rarefied gift, to the point of grace. - Ethan

Written & Produced by Billy Webster
Recorded at The Jersey Dream
(c) Shampoo Girl Music, 2018


I once had a dream I didn’t make it
Heard my eulogy from in my casket
You can’t kill a dream but you can break it
His poor heart just couldn’t take it

And it beat to the sound of the feet on the ground
But death’s a dirty habit, you can kick it
And you’ll be cleaner than a sticky wicket
You just bought a one-way ticket

Everybody dies three times
First time’s when your body dies
Second time is when your spirit
Learns how to fly, fly, fly
And the third time is the last time
Anybody says your name
And you let you go of your ego
And you’re ready for the next
Game up, game out
You scream and you shout
All yours, all mine
That’s how you have a good time….

Beyond the shadow of a doubt
Let me tell you what this is about
There’s no guarantee your life will allow
One more moment so the moment is now