From the recording Bold Enough To Say (2014)

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'"Lead Us not into Temptation/Deliver Us From Evil" is a mini opus all to itself, the first part expressing traditional notions of the struggle with duality, and then flowering into what may be your greatest achievement in this work, "Deliver Us From Evil," a song that with such mature voice and utterly compelling mastery definitively captures the pathos of humanity's essential dichotomy and the harrowing and absolute necessity of a personal grace matching the spiritual grace that moves through us. Billy, this is just magnificent. How moving then after these harrowing remonstrances and calls to spiritual arms to return in..." - Ethan

Written & Produced by Billy Webster
Lead Guitar by Carl Basler
Drums by Jesse Maynard
Recorded at Unfinished Storage Studios
(c) Shampoo Girl Music, 2014



Oh, lead us not...into temptation lead us not...into temptation

Oh, lead me not...into the void into the fire It’s hard see the light don’t let me go blind
My eyes...lead me to despair take me to the precipice and push me over
I know the way I know it’s good I do the things I should

Most of the time I get it right but it’s a fight
So me from desire Keep me from the precipice and deep within
Your arms...will keep me safe and wicked ways

And lead me not into temptation
Oh, lead us not into temptation

Who art in heaven when the angels are away? You heard me ask that question just the other day


Deliver us from evil, violence and the hate across the world and right beside us our better angels even have their demon days metastasize the pain inside us

And I want to hide myself away but I know I have to give myself away and I want to hide my friends and family shower them with love and candy I don’t want to lie awake and pray for another day

Deliver us from evil living on the lamb and in the prophets and messiahs deliver us from evil doing what it can to turn our gods into pariahs

For the sake of numbers quantified our spirits commit suicide inside us in the name of what’s been deified our churches practice genocide I don’t want to live to see another day when I have to say

I don’t wanna spend my money On another warship honey
I don’t wanna waste my sunny days
I don’t wanna see your ego I don’t wanna hear your ego Deliver us from evil ways

Deliver us from evil Deliver us from evil Deliver us from evil ways.