Eat Your Heart Out (2018): CD
  • Eat Your Heart Out (2018): CD

Eat Your Heart Out (2018): CD

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How many times does lightning have to strike for the world to catch fire? Eat Your Heart Out is yet another masterpiece from the seemingly infinite vault of your irrepressible humanity. I never quite imagine it is possible you will surpass yourself, as each offering seems, in the immanent moment of its ambient arrival, absolute, indeed is so. And yet your ever astonishing virtuosities are seasoned here, indeed generally since Bold Enough to Say, with a robust maturity in both theme and sound that is more satisfying than ever. There is a sadness, a rich and humble philosophical acceptance, a surrender and yet as well ever that defiant necessity at all costs, burnished now to absolute purity, to sing your song. It is as though through your own discernment of devotional endeavor in love and music, as a husband and father and musical poet, coupled with the crucible of external circumstance, the ongoing frustrations of endeavoring to be heard in a willfully deaf world, a world that punishes its ears and soul with placating insipidity rather then probing inquiry, with banality not beauty, you have become perfected, crystallized to an absolute harmony from the geometries of internal grace and external pressure like a diamond, to the point that every single fractal beam of sonic light that emanates from this spinning disc holds like a sounding sun all the light of creation. - Ethan Dunn

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